When it comes to affecting positive change, perspective is everything. 


Because no matter how intelligent or experienced or open-minded you are, when you’re IN something, it's really difficult to shift your gaze to the big picture. 

So often, when we’re stuck or spinning or clueless as to how to proceed, the problem isn’t what we don’t know or can't do; it's what we can't see: possibilities, solutions, ways to overcome what we believe is standing on our way.

In those times, what we need more than anything is a perspective shift: a way of seeing ourselves, our situations and our choices differently.

That’s what my coaching sessions, consultations and programs provide. 

Andrea’s genius is her ability to see right into the heart of the matter. I was blown away by how she picked up on what was going on in my life, providing commentary on what has gone before and the situation in which I find myself now. Her coaching was spot on and allowed me to understand better what was happening and think more deeply about what I might change to achieve the outcome I’m hoping for.

It happens to all of us. We get overwhelmed and bogged down by life’s challenges. We start seeing everything from a negative and hopeless perspective. We forget who we are, how much we've got going for us and what we've been able to accomplish in the past.

Getting the right help is the difference between simply talking about your problems and actually doing something about them. 

It’s in my DNA to approach every situation I encounter from the perspective of understanding the truth of what’s really going on and discovering all the available possibilities for improvement. And that’s the real value in what I do for my clients. 

I am a between-the-lines reader, a dot connector, a big-picture seer. In other words, I’m a truth finder. And once I wake people up to what’s really going on in their world and all the options available to them, it’s all downhill from there. The clouds part, the synapses fire and suddenly they know exactly what they need to do, and even more importantly they believe they can do it.

This is the heart of my work… I show up. I pay close attention. I see truth and possibility. I help you see it too.

Andrea has drawn out many truths for me. She’s listened closely to what I’ve said, read my words back to me in a way which has hit me between the eyes and revealed my truth to me. What I’ve appreciated the most is that Andrea is a compassionate soul. Bringing many of her own experiences to our sessions, I know she gets me in a way that you do when you’ve been there yourself. A good coach connects with you in a soul way and Andrea does this in abundance. I feel totally privileged to have had this chance to work with Andrea and can see how this program has shifted so many things forward in a short space of time.


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